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    i'm sorry to hear about your retriever's failing health.
    i did have some thoughts come to mind about that. i don't know how practical this would be & this is just a rough sketch (not all the construction details are worked out), but i just thought i'd share this thought w/ you.
    the spreader bars in the picture are like i use on the head end of my hammock. they don't stretch the hammock into a flat, unstable bed, like the hammocks you buy w/ spreader bars. they just spread the top edges, but still allow the person (or dog) to lay deeper in the hammock, beneath the center of gravity.
    to see pictures of my hammock w/ spreader a bar, click on my gallery. i think they will be around page 7.
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    My wife and I first slept in hammocks back in 1974 while wandering around Brazil (Peace Corps days) and found first that the river boat we rode in had no beds but everyone slept in hammocks, then the hotel room in the Amazon town (somewhat below 2nd class) only had hooks to hang your hammock, no mattresses/beds. We were hooked. Now, at home, 3 of our bedrooms have hammocks available. After a back injury some 20 years ago, problems periodically crop up and the only therapy that works is---to sleep in a hammock.

    At home, we only use Brazilian hammocks of which we now have ~6 (including the first two from that trip). All but one are tight weave cotton which I find to be the most comfortable of the hammocks we own. Some are larger (the 'casal' or married style) and are the most comfortable. Shoulder squeeze is not a big problem, and you can move around quite a bit, though face down is not comfortable for me. There is a bit of 'wrapping' mentioned by others but it is not at all uncomfortable.

    These also go on car camping trips, but for backpacking I use either a HH ULBA or a Mosquito. In the HH, there is not as much flexibility for alternate positions while the Mosquito is designed more like the Brazilian style, with cords across the ends all attaching at the hanging loop. Sometimes, this one gets set up in the bedroom instead of the cotton hammock, because its cooler.

    Although the hammocks are not used full time at home, they see frequent use. When the (adult) kids come visit, they usually spend some time in one of the Brazilian hammocks. There is no reason a hammock could not become the primary sleeping platform (though a bed does have its uses). I would choose a Brazilian style in that case because of its comfort, ease of entry and exit, as well as slightly greater warmth.

    Good luck with whatever choice you make.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayfarer View Post
    I have a (2 months short now) 16 year old Golden - he had a stroke last year and we are now approaching the end of time for him with renal failure and some cardiac - he can no longer get up or stand and I pick him up and carry him out every couple of hours when I'm home. I moved into the living room so I didn't have to carry him so far (and my back gave out). The cats are upset over the loss of sleeping with me and haven't adjusted to the hammocks yet (all have their claws - strickly indoors).

    I currently have the dog on 3 inches of eggcrate covered with blankets right next to me in the hammock. My son suggested building him a hammock because his boney hips are in danger of pressure sores when I am gone to work for 12-13 hour days and he can't turn (and is incontinent). My concern is his flipping (he flopps around like a fish) out of the hammock and getting into a predicament while I am gone. Still looking for ideas on this too.

    Thanks for the welcome and suggestions!

    sorry about your dog. My wife and I had to put our golden down 2 years ago, she was our first child. I really wish I had an idea for you on keeping him comfortable while you were ata work.

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    Dog hammocks/cots

    Found out today I am going to be sent to Corporate in ST Louis for a couple of days at the end of the month. A friend has agreed to take Sundown (the dog) and I have two weeks to figure out something practical for me to take over to her house for him to sleep on. Thanks for the sketch - am taking my sewing machine in this weekend for a repair and tune-up and am going to see what I can do.

    Thanks all!

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