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    DIY whoopie slings
    What about using a munters hitch instead of the garda hitch? Less radial bending....

    I would follow that with a backup knot of some kind of course...

    Edit - the Munters hitch can be tied with one hand and a 'biner......a tad tougher with a ring.
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    Yesterday I was playing with some ripstop nylon material I'd had sewn into tarps. I was DIYing hammocks out of the tarps by using a descender ring on each end with 1/8" amsteel blue. I had a 50' hank of the blue which I didn't want to cut, so I tied each end to one end of the tarp (hammock), a looped a bight three times through the ring, then attached it to the trees with a marlin spike. I just looped the bight over the spike. Incredible adjustability, and my 235 pounds hung just fine!

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    headchange4u came up with a cool system using a modified trucker's hitch. The thread is here I tried it out with the stock Henessey line, and it works very well. I may actually go back to it. I am using whoopies right now, but i do like to experiment.

    This system has all the advantages of the garda buckle system (simplicity, light weight, etc), but does not suffer from the problems of de-rating the rope because of the pressure applied by the rings to the garda hitch.

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