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    Adventure Medical Kits Bivvy

    Ok testing some things in preparation for a Thru for next year and am looking into using a Bivvy/Quilt Liner for added warmth on those few nights that drop, instead of purchasing a larger TQ or OQ. Does anyone feel that you could use one of Adventure Medical Kits Bivvys as a solid reusable Bivvy for the Thru. Having one sitting in a bump box if necessary is a total option as well.. I made a simple fleece quilt out of a very light weight blanket I got from a company giveaway. No-frill just made a cinch-able foot box and added two tabs of velcro for making the foot box a bit larger. Not sure of the weight but I would think more than this or this. If anyone has any information let me know.

    As a side note the Fleece quilt works well down to 38deg inside my JRB Shenandoah TQ with minimal clothing, but the lack of compression is whats killing me.
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