Whoo hoo! I am one excited Red Head! Looks like I was not the first one to notice either...You guys are fast!

It i kind of nice to have a place of my own to post new stuff. The reason it has taken so long to get my little sub forum is because I do not really post new things that often. I only sell a few items and I do not really have time lately to get new stuff out there. I am working on it though.

Right now I am working on some new summer quilts. I have to finish the ones that have been ordered first before I can do much R&D. The new quilts will be of all different styles of insulation (Climashield, Goose Down, and Insultex).

I would like to make everyone aware a couple of sales going on right now.

I have some 1.4oz Woodland Camo on sale for $3.50/yard

I have some calendered Olive green breathable 1.1 for $3/yard.

I also now carry Insultex (IX) insulation. The cost is $4.50/yard (60" wide) plus shipping.

800 fill power goose down is still for sale at $6.50/oz with free shipping. This sale will end soon and it will likely go back up to $7.50. Not a big jump but just letting everyone know.

That is about it for now. My family and I just want to say thanks again for all of your kind works and patronage. It truly means a lot.

~Stormcrow (some people call me Adam )