They shipped by US PRIORITY mail on Monday, got here this Wed AM. Shipping, at $6.60, was only a little over $2 less than UPS ground. I'm wondering if I had communicated with them better, emphasizing I did not need priority mail, if we could have arranged significantly cheaper shipping. It seems like about a buck out to cover mailing 2oz ( and $2! ) worth of buckles. Any way, I don't think it would have ever got here in 2 days UPS ground. Plus, mail comes on Saturday had that been a factor. Anyway, it paid to call them and get just the 2 I needed and a little bit cheaper, but very fast, shipping. Shipping is definitely the butt kicked when ordering a little here and a little there, especially when ordering inexpensive stuff.

Now to go to the galleries and see the correct way to attach the HH rope to the buckle. I don't see why I couldn't just "lash" it thru there HH style, but that I guess that might get a little tight. In the mean time, the cleat has still been working quite well. HOWEVER, it's too hot ( for me anyway ) for for an all night hang, so no real test yet.