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Well, taking a knife to the original equip seems like a no going back situation.
As for untieing, OK, I probably need to go that route. I guess I will have to start by cutting open the nylon cover, and seeing what there is to undo. And of course, a new order and more shipping to get a few feet of spyderline.

Although, I guess if I'm going to cut open the knot cover and try to untie/retie a knot there, there is no need to worry about replacing the rope. So I could just cut the rope past the point of attachment to the buckle, and go in and untie later if I needed to add a new rope. Then again, I bet this spectra and spiderline is expensive, so I might be better of ordering just a few feet and doing a replace.
1, 2, 3, 4. Those are the before/after pics that Grizz posted of the knots under the HH cover. Also, here is a pic of what mine looks like when replaced with Spyderline.

If you're just looking for enough Spyderline for that mod, don't order it. I've got enough left from my last order that I'll give you. PM an address.