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    So, you hang out with ground dwellers and they're going somewhere where there aren't trees. Or maybe you're doing one of those crazy trails that don't have trees for sections, or you're stuck above the tree line. You might need to, shock horror, go for the ground pitch.

    I've had a play with setting up my Mac Cat Spinn Deluxe on the ground. Now the big con with this system is of course that you're not in the hammock! However I tried some of the shapes suggested by BlackBishop on his BlackCat page

    My favourite shape so far is the diamond. Of course, you have to set it up so that the rain isn't driving horizontally in to you! I like it because it is small and easy to set up as one person.
    To set it up, peg out the back corner, then stretch out the two other ground corners so they're taught to the back, tucking under the un-used corners. (the other con to this is that you've got tarp on the ground.) Then raise the top corner on your hiking pole and peg it out. (Be prepared to adjust the sides)

    I had a go at the tarp in "wedge" shape, and found that I needed 6 stakes, not 4, to get it right. It also wasn't very spacious, but I'm wondering if I did it wrong.

    Of course there is the good old a-frame but I didn't have a go at that because I hate wrestling with 2 free standing poles!

    I've got more pictures on my flickr set:

    Attached Images Attached Images
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