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    My First Hammock, the Blackbird

    I wanted to write a quick review of my first hammock for the other hammock newbs like myself.

    I first heard of camping style hammocks from an article in and my lower back screamed out “hey you better get one or I’ll go on strike.” I’m not old but my back and knees have high mileage. So I started the internet search for more info and quickly found Shugs videos on you tube, which led me here on Hammock Forums.

    I read and read, and read some more, looking at photos and more photos. Not ever being in a hammock I had no idea what I wanted in a hammock. All I knew was, I’m a ‘Side Sleeper’, was concerned about ‘knee lock’, and wanted few parts, and subdued color.

    Finally after two months of being on the fence between two different hammocks, I decided to get a WB BB 1.7 DB (Warbonnet Black Bird 1.7 Double). It took me a day or two to figure out all the abbreviations on this place.

    After about a week I got it in the mail. I happened to be home when it arrived too. I felt like a kid again on Christmas morning! I open the box and it was in its stuff sack. It was very light. I can’t imagine what the 1.0 feels like.

    My son and I took it outside to set it up. I took about a minute to set it up for the very first time (after going back in the house to find two carabineers that I forgot). For some reason it looks shorter on the internet. The buckles are so light its impossible!

    Sitting in it for the first time I felt like I was getting in a hot bath! But soon fully trusted the fabric with my weight, all 200 lbs. of it.

    I spent the rest of the day playing around with different heights of either end, lowering and raising my feet and head to find a good level.

    This thing is very comfortable from the beginning. I then set up my camping fleece pillow like I had seen in a Shug video. I also put one on the feet end for under my knees. This isn’t a big deal because there will always be more stuff I’ll want to keep dry inside the hammock.

    After dinner the temp started to go down and I tried to rig an old sleeping bag to the outside for a Under Quilt (UQ). That didn’t go well. So I folded an Army poncho liner so as to cover my butt to my neck and put that, along with my CCF pad, in between the Double sheets.

    Settling in for the night I quickly learned how important and UQ is! With the slightest breeze I knew immediately if any part of me was off the poncho liner! It was like laying down on a block of ice.
    With my environmentally friendly camping radio blaring some tunes I got nice and comfy. Suddenly I woke up and it was 4am and I had to go!

    After watering the plants I got back in and snuggled up. “hey, I fell asleep on my back”! It was amazing. I cannot fall asleep on my back in a bed.

    I didn’t have work today so I went back to sleep. Three hours later I woke up to the sweet sounds of nature, cars turning on, doors slamming, motorcycles roaring open throttle down my road, dogs barking, little dogs chipping. Very relaxing.
    I got up and went in the house. “well good morning, how was it?” asked my wife. “I feel asleep on my back and didn’t wake up till peepee time” “ It was great”
    I waited till after rush hour and brought my coffee and oatmeal out to the hammock and had ‘Breakfast in the Hammock’ (Shug). By this time the birds were out and singing. Very nice and quiet. I spent the rest of the morning just hanging and reading my book, enjoying my hammock and the early spring sounds and smells.

    In fact I spent the afternoon in it too. And would have spent the evening in it too if my sweet, caring, beautiful wife (she’s reading this) hadn’t sent me out to the store.
    The second night I had my son in there with me. We slept nose to feet. It wasn’t to bad, he’s 45” tall. The temp got down to 45 degrees. We woke up with our butts hitting the ground. I remember reading somewhere on the forum that the straps will stretch the first time.
    I’ve slept in it four nights now and I don’t have one complaint. Anyone considering the Warbonnet Blackbird as their first hammock won’t be disappointed.
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