I have been sleeping in my Blackbird 1.7 Dbl hammock now for 30 nights. I am extremely pleased with the Blackbird. Although this is the only type of hammock I have ever used.
I love how simple it is to set up and take down. How it holds you in whatever position you turn. It is more comfortable than my foam mattress, and my wife loves the fact that she has the bed all to her self
The ridgeline is a great place to hang my small radio, light, and glasses. The Shelf holds more than you think and is perfect for my alarm clock, slippers, baccalava, house keys, book, etc. The foot box is essential I think to sleeping comfortably, great design.
The only thing that gives me trouble is when loosening the buckles. It is really difficult, but on the other hand, it is really secure and won't slip in the middle of the night. Speaking of the suspension, the straps only stretched out once and haven't since.
Another thing, when packing,the hammock will compress down to the size of a big soda can in a extra small compression sack if you so desire. You could also put it in along with your sleeping bag in your sleeping bag's compression sack.
I haven't had a chance to camp this spring yet but I CAN"T WAIT!