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Hey everyone. Used the HH SS this weekend and it works as hoped. The pad is easily damaged though. I popped a hole in it thinking that I needed to adjust it after laying down. My thumb went through it like butter. I can't wait to get my IX Insultex HH SS under pad from Mac. Hopefully that materal is tougher. Anyway, staying on topic, yep, Hennessy Supershelter is now in the camo pattern. The customer service rep emailed me and said that I could either return it for a brown one or keep it. They are going to update the website to show the new camo pattern so that others won't be surprised to see it as I was. So, that's the update on the camo pattern HH SS. Apparently it wasn't a mistake. That's how they come now. For me the SS seems to work at temps down to around 38 since that's the lowest it got on Friday and Saturday night. It might be good to go even lower than that but I was using my usual Montbell 25 degree UL SS bag with a Sea To Summit Thermo Reactor Bag with fleece long johns and top so I was comfortable. I Sleep cold but it was clear that I could have been comfortable to temps slightly lower than that. Not much mind you but certainly a little lower. OK folks, that's that. No more mystery on the HH SS Camo Pattern. It is what it is.
Good to know! Did you use a space blanket on top of the pad, or just the pad alone? I use one of those Emergency Medical sumpin or other blankets. It not only boosts warmth a bit, but it surrounds most of the pad. I think it decreases risk of pad puncture if I grab the pad with the blanket around it. If that hole bothers you, use some seam sealer to repair it.