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    Smile New Hanger in Greene County, PA.

    Hello all! I am glad that I decided to try out hammocking. These forums were a major factor in the decision.

    I got a Hennesy Exped Asym and a SuperShelter UQ (is it an undercover, or an underquilt? I am calling it an underquilt, but please forgive me if I am misspeaking... I guess that technically, it is not really a quilt---more like an undercover plus an OCF pad.) in February. (Got both the hammock and the UQ from eBay at significant discounts from retail.)

    My first hang was February 20. I set up on the front porch primarily because the snow was still a couple of feet deep.

    --->>> Hennessy Expedition A-Sym, Hennessy Underquilt, Space Blanket. All set up per Hennessy website videos.
    --->>> NO Over-Cover.
    --->>> One VERY beat-up, 32-year-old, Sears synthetic rectangular sleeping bag. I would estimate its temperature range (based on many experiences in a three-season tent) at about 40* F. if you are wearing long johns and have a couple of those tear-open hand-warmers.

    One pair over-the-calf executive black dress socks (polyester, very thin)
    One pair Wigwam El-Pine wool socks (very thick, 85% wool, 15% synth)
    El-cheapo synthetic underwear tops and bottoms.
    One pair sweat pants (50% polyester, 50% cotton---I know, and I would never wear cotton on the trail.)
    One 100% acrylic sweater, medium weight.
    One hooded sweat jersey (100% polyester).
    Two hand-crocheted scarves (100% merino wool).
    One hand-crocheted toboggan (100% merino wool)
    One Spenco foam breathing mask. (Worth its weight in gold. I believe it gives me another 5*F. of cold tolerance. It covers the nose and mouth, is super light, and gives warm, moist air in cold, dry weather. Can you say, "No bronchitis"?)
    --->>> NO hand-warmers or hot-water bottles.

    The sleep was great! It took a little while to get situated and relaxed, but no more so than any other first night in a strange bed.

    I kept waking up when the neighbor's dog barked. He eventually shut up about 2:00 A.M..

    Very little wind, maybe 2 MPH.
    The temperature dropped from 35*F. at about 10:00 P.M. to 21*F. at 2:00 A.M.. At 6:00 A.M., I awakened for a call of nature. It was 24*F.

    I snoozed a little longer, then awakened to a 7:00 A.M. serenade presented by a flock of Canada Geese, followed almost immediately by the distant moan of a freight train's whistle.

    All in all, my first hang was a fairly complete success. Conclusion: My rig is good to 20*-25* F. without an over-cover in still air.

    On later nights, I placed a couple of towels over my mosquito netting to serve as an over-cover. I was able to handle a night at 11* F. with a 5 MPH breeze.

    I tried using the sleeping bag in standard, zipped-up mode and in unzipped, over-quilt mode. In the over-quilt mode, I found it beneficial to place an old, Ragg-wool toboggan under my backside.

    In either mode, I slept warmly, except on windy nights when my cheese-ball, beach-towel over-cover did not seal up very well. Then any parts not covered by the sleeping bag or garments was chilled, i.e., my cheeks and brow. Still, it was not bad; it just was not perfect.

    I believe that, with a real over-cover and a serious sleeping bag, and maybe with a larger tarp (maybe a 12' X 12' Guide Gear special) to block the wind, it should be possible to handle temperatures of -10*F. and maybe even lower.

    My next big steps:
    --->>> Get the 2Q-ZQ Zipper Mod.
    --->>> Make an over-cover.


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    Hey neighbor, great report! A first hang in February is quite the accomplishment! Yep, the 2Q-ZQ zipper mod is what you need! It's the best mod you can do to the HH.

    Have you thought about coming to the MAHHA hang? It's just around the corner and a great event to learn all things hammocky.
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    Great report and welcome to the fun!

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    Welcome to the forum and definitely go for the zipper mod,you'll love it.
    " The mind creates the abyss, the heart crosses it."

    “The measure of your life will not be in what you accumulate, but in what you give away.” ~Wayne Dyer

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    Welcome to the forums and thanks for the report. If you like hanging in February, you'll love it when it warms up.

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