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    Hoosier Hang Offical Details: Apr 16 - 18, 2010


    Directions to the North Nebo Ridge Trail Head:
    From 65, take exit 68 on to 46 going west.
    Go South (left) on 135.
    At the T-intersection, take a right turn (you will still be on 135)
    At the Brown County State Park Entrance, take the left fork (you will still be on 135)
    Continue going straight when you enter Story town and pass the Story Inn on your right side.
    At this point, you are almost to the trailhead parking lot. After the wooden bridge, take a left and you are on the gravel road. If you have any doubts take only left turns at this point.

    There is only space for 20 vehicles at the north Nebo Ridge trailhead, but if your willing to hike in farther, there is the south Nebo Ridge trailhead. Although, you can park at Horseman's Camp (farther away) or try and get by parking on the road (not recommended by those who know), there is the field across from the Story Inn. At a nominal fee with security cameras, bathrooms, and a shuttle from Noon until 6 PM by the Story Inn owner, this is the best option. Please see Mules thread about parking. Sunday, my van and others can shuttle you back.

    The Trail
    From the North trailhead: follow the trail until you come to the first Y, then go left
    Then, ignore all the following Y split offs and stay on the main trail until you come to a big Y split
    Turn left at the big Y (about 1 /12 miles – you will have travelled at least half way to the camp site
    Follow the trail into the hollow and be sure to follow the creek that has the red/orange ribbon to the campsite.
    NOTE: The main trail will be marked with red-orange ribbon and the turn-offs will be marked with white ribbon.

    For the early risers, TroutEhCuss or Mule will be at the trailhead early with maps of the trail.
    When Mule hits the trail he’ll be marking which trail to follow. A slow hiker will easily reach the hollow in 1 hrs a fast hiker 45 minutes. When Trout arrives, he’ll be at the trailhead giving out the ordered T-shirts and park maps for a while. NOTE: If you bought t-shirts this is when and where you get them.
    We’ll do an eat and greet in the late afternoon. Bring a favorite snack/treat or local favorite – we like homemade, but will accept anything ☺
    With the large number of attendees, plan on being spread out. We suggest picking out your trees and setting up ASAP, so you don’t loose it.
    Later, but before it gets dark, we’ll do the raffle. It’s free – one win per person.
    Around 1pm, Mule will lead the group to the next spot - It’s about a 2 hr hike.
    If the weather turns difficult, the option is available for the group to just day hike. Mule will make the final decision.
    In the evening, if you have a Hoosier joke or story this is the time to let your abilities shine.
    It’s head back home.

    A few important notes that probably don’t need to be mentioned, but are good reminders/info:
    • There isn’t a privy, so you’ll be digging a hole to do your business and bring your T.P.
    • Please, Practice Leave No Trace – Carry In, Carry Out.
    • There are natural water sources, so sterilizing/filtering your water is highly suggested. The first campsite has great water. The second campsite your better off carrying water to it from campsite one.
    • This is a family oriented event, so be mindful of others.

    Please see the T-shirt thread. Sunday morning all the final details will be posted. Payments will start to be accepted thru paypal Sunday until Thurdsay Morning. Please no cash or checks at the trailhead.

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