What are the pros/cons of making 2 top quilts, both of 2.5 oz (.6" loft) from Climashield? One thickness would take me to 40*, both into the 20s*http://www.thru-hiker.com/insulation.html
*temps from site--real world temps not as optimistic--

I thought I'd make one slightly larger than the other and carry the smaller one for mild temps and both when it got colder. For those 'tween-times when I'm not sure of the temps, carry both just to be sure. Is this a good idea or just goofy? I've got under-insulation already.

If this has been discussed, I don't want to rehash it here. If someone could link a thread I'd appreciate it.
(I did a search but didn't find this addressed in the couple of pages I read)

Thanks for all your help with all my concerns;