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    Adirondacks High Peaks still good for hangers

    In 2001 the NYS DEC decided to restrict camping in the Eastern High Peaks area of the Adirondacks (the most popular backpacking area in the ADK's) to designated campsites "as soon as a new campsite plan was completed."

    Thankfully, the new plan won't be completed for at least another year (and may be abandoned altogether). This means we can still hang anywhere that is below 3500 feet and at least 150 feet from a trail or water source for at least another year.

    The DEC may abandon the plan because few people tent outside of designated campgrounds because the terrain is very rocky, rooted, and slopped.

    I've gotten used to being able to walk by the overcrowded tent sites and lean-tos on my way to a secluded hanging spot. Hopefully they'll abandon the planned camping restriction altogether.

    I've spoken with one of the DEC Forest Rangers assigned to that region who is a hammock camper and he said he was lobbying for an exception to the camping restriction for hammocks, but he also said that every year that passes without the camping plan being completed just makes it more likely it will be abandoned altogether.

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    I don't know the area but sounds like good news.
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