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Whoops - that was a typo. I leave on June 19th. That's not an awful lot of time for procurement and testing, especially when a lot of the purveyors are small operations who don't just pick items off a shelf in their warehouse and ship. Still, I've spent the better part of the weekend and this evening reading HF, and that ever so slight sinking feeling started to settle in a little while ago. It's not that I think I might be unhappy with a HH setup, but I get the distinct impression that I could do better for a similar investment. Changing will never be easier for me as right now I don't have anything at all. Yes, I have HH stuff on order - but that should be pretty easy to send back.

Before I stumbled upon HF, HH and hammocking in general was a new discovery to me. It seemed like the best thing going, having only experienced really cheap quality canvas hammocks with spreader bars that forced a banana like position. I never envisioned camping in a hammock before late last week. Now my eyes are open to what's possible, but my vision is still a touch fuzzy - and yes, I've still got moisture behind my ears. I'm now trying to make the best decision possible given a bit of time pressure.

I read a bunch more threads on the BB, other hammocks, tarps, HH, and the SuperShelter, and I'm now leaning toward sending the HH box back unopened and going with the following:

WBBB double 1.0 - 702g
MacCat Deluxe Tarp (SpinnUL) - 285g
2x2 SPE + 1/4" pads - 145g
Thermarest Prolite - 310g
Total weight: 1442g

The cost is pretty close to the HH package (ULB, large hex fly in sil, SS) but it's over 400g lighter and has the advantage of being able to sit up/reach out of the bug netting without modification. I like the idea of the shelf, too.

One thing I've noticed is that most people seem to go with the 1.1oz fabric over the 1oz. The weight rating is only 20lbs less, and I'm nowhere near 240lbs. Unless there are a lot of people worried about pushing the limit of the 1oz fabric, why not go for the lighter one (or the 1.7 if weight isn't a major concern)?
Your new list is a good list and you'll be real comfortable in the WBBB. When i was getting switched over to hammocks last year i was going for the HH Explorer, realized i would want the zipper mod and decided to go straight to the WBBB with webbing suspension. I don't regret it.
I still use the stock webbing setup and its easy and works just fine. Just so you know it can sometimes take 3 wks to get stuff from the east coast states to west coast canada and make sure everyone sends their stuff USPS ,,,,NOT UPS. Brandon at Warbonnet is pretty quick sending stuff out. You might want to just ask him when he could send out the BB and spin tarp.He's in colorado so it would be a bit quicker. If you order the Dutch clips from the HF store order the tarp and hammock stakes as well ( you'll need 6 on the new setup), their good one's.