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    finally cut my ties with HH- done deal at last

    No, I don't mean I quit using them, I mean I "cut" the rope. And I didn't really cut it, I untied it. To avoid burning that bridge. Thanks to the generous help of many folks here- most particularly on this project AngrySparrow, and great pics from Griz and others, and advice from lots of you folks, I finally decided to cut open the end cover on my HH and have a look. I compared that to the pics on line, and took a few knot pics of my own, to help avoid burning bridges.

    Then I started in on untieing the stock HH rope, which was a bit of a battle, since I have been laying in it on and off for a year. Needless to say, it was quite tight. But after a while she was loosened up, and replaced with a short piece of spyderline, being careful to redo the knot as close as possible to the original, including making sure to thread the rope thru the structural ridgeline loop.

    It really didn't take very long, and I soon had it tied back on my cinch buckle. It worked just as quick and secure as the first time I tried it, with the stock rope. Now if I decide I want to do the other end I won't hesitate. In the mean time, I'll keep on experimenting with the buckle on the head end and the nylon cleat on the foot end, and figure out which one I want to use on my upcoming trip. Or if I want to stick with current setup of cleat on one end, buckle on the other.

    Boy, set up sure is fast now. I can finally actually achieve those 2 minute ( or less ) setup times that are supposed to be doable with the original setup. I know some folks could do 3 minutes or less, but I never could seem to pull it off with the huggers and rope. ESPECIALLY considering readjustments of height, centering between the trees and tightness. Good on yall that can, though!

    Next project will probably be a biner in the ridgeline. What cord do you guys ( who do this ) replace the HH ridgeline with? Do you need maybe 300 or 400 lbs break strength? Or do you not replace it, and just cut it and tie in a biner?

    Actually, my very next project will probably be to hook up the Harbor Freight webbing. I had to go to Memphis Sat, so since I was nearby any way, I stopped in HF and they had the 1500 lb ratchet straps foe $3 and change! That may have been a sale. It said $5.99, but they didn't ring me up that amount. So now I've got to get a hacksaw or bolt cutter and cut the hooks off. I love that 1500 lbs, but that yellow kind of sucks. Maybe I can slip my skins over most of it.

    More good news. I was getting concerned about the weight. But now that I have the HH rope off, I measured the rope plus stock hugger. On my imprecise scales, the 15 feet of Speer 1" webbing appears to be the same weight as the rope and hugger it replaces. Looks like either one is between 3 and 4 oz, so it's about a wash. Add app 1 oz for either the buckle or cleat. Of course there is the biner weight, but I carry those anyway, and I don't really have to use them to get many of the benefits of buckles.
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