I had some free time last night, so after dinner I pulled out the thread injector and created some "reptilian dermal layers" for my tarp.

I gathered everything up and put it away in order to leave no mess before bed. Since it was already dark by the time I was done I had no place to string up the tarp to install the skins, so I simply stretched out the tarp on the floor slid the tubes over the ends. My wife came in after I had installed the first half and said, "Now I know you're crazy. You've mad a condom for your tarp? Why?"

I tried to explain that as good as the nylon fabric is, even sil wouldn't be very good for such a product.

Try to explain skins to your better half when you're both laughing at such humor. She still thinks I'm crazy, but I think she understands now. I'm not sure if the term 'tarp condom' will take hold on the forum, but that's what my wife wil be calling my skins from now on.

- Mark (S-4-C)