First of all, a BIG thank you to everyone who is active in this site. Since joining just a few months ago, I've read and read and read, discovered what hammock and quilt lust is - and discovered I'm quite the deviant

Having never touched a sewing machine, I decided it might be time to learn and attempt to just build my own hammock. Lucky for me, Joann's is changing locations in my area. In other words, 50% off sales. In further words, CHEAP RIPSTOP! YAY!

4 crooked jacked-up stiches later, I loved this stupid green hammock like a child. I made my hem a generous inch wide and took took the liberty to explore that entire inch Just as I was whipping the ends, a camping friend of mine calls and wants to do a impromptu trip. I couldnt say no.

I had a roll of reflectix that I made a few cozys out of, so I rolled out two 7 foot lengths and duct taped them together for a pad, grabbed a blue tarp from the garage, my mini atomic and set out.

As we were wandering out into the holler, my friends were looking for flat, even places for the tent and all I saw were trees and blue skies. Here's the kicker, once they found a suitable spot they agonized and worried about not having a footprint. I pulled my blue tarp from my pack and handed it over, I stated that I probably would not need it and I felt kinda bad that they were stuck on the ground. (I followed several forum member's advice and did not gloat to much, all I had with me was a coleman mummybag with a rating tag that had long since been worn off by MY FATHER when he was my age. I wanted crawling in with them to be an option)

The drop in temperature made itself known while I was at the fire. My back was COLD! I wandered over to my hammock, put on my extra layers and threw my reflectix in. I then performed the sleeping bag hop game and once I was inside I eased myself onto the hammock and reflectix. No tearing, no ripping, no falling, just my friend saying to his fiance. "I betcha Jay'll end up with us tonight."

Like hell, ground dweller.

I can't remember the last time I slept so soundly. No tarp, mind you, I gave that to my friends as a peace offering so I fell asleep watching the bare tree tops sway in the wind with the stars as a backdrop.

Despite my two layers of socks, I did wake up with cold feet but I think that is because I had them pressed against the bottom of my bag so I could completely burry my head. I had a thin layer of ice covering the entire bag. My phone told me it was 28 degrees, yikes!

All in all, a great trip.

I now understand why some of you view DIY like a cult. When I got home I immediately started working on a 3 layer differential cut quilt using the insultex that I bought from Mac here on the forum. Thanks for all the explanations and patience with questions.