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    UQ Suspension idea

    The WBBB was easy to set up and my 2/3 UQ worked perfectly on it. I did attach it differently than I do on my Clark UL. I made some triangle shaped silnylon pieces with attachment points on each corner. I attached one end to suspension rope placing the triangle on top of the ridgeline. I then attached the UQ to the other corners. This allowed the UQ to be pulled up instead of out and I never had a problem with fit or sliding off shoulder. The sil is able to slide on the netting without damage. This required shorter shockcord so I may have actually come out lighter than using full shockcord.
    Also, excellent idea for hanging your underquilt with the triangles. I may have give that a try.
    It worked really well. I am going to do this with my HH also. I was tying the shockcord to make it hang over the ridgeline but did not like the rubbing on the bugnet. The triangles work better because they slide better over the netting and by playing with size and angles it is very easy to control how you want to hang the quilt.
    That is a great idea ... any close up photos
    Maybe, if you get the time, you could start a new thread with some pictures of your quilt triangles(Hangouts). It might help some folks that don't happen to see this thread.

    Moving this conversation from the Stone Door trip report to here. I made these in about 5 minutes just to try the idea. They have raw edges etc but it shows the idea that worked well for me on this trip

    Pics below.

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