So.... I was wandering the AT in virginia and I ran into 2 familiar people on the same day......from distant states OH and PA!

1st.....I hear a ....... " cooldays?...... I recognized that tarp!" was dutch on his way north to his car and plans to arrive at about 1 am in order to get home to get to work in the am. Here I am amazed to see OUR dutch in MY backyard. (you all remember dutch right? as in dutch clips and self proclaimed "best hiker ever".)

So I enjoyed a conversation over lunch with Dutch at the "chez wise shelter" mount rogers VA before his departure to shelters farther north.

Second......a heart warming encounter on the same day at the same shelter with Snowwhite (aka saragirl)who was on her thru north on her way to maine. I need to share with you all how happy she seemed on her hike with her cohort that had made it through the early snows and 3 foot drifts of the south. What really impressed me was she ONLY WAS ABLE TO GO BECAUSE OF THE GENEROSITY OF A FEW HAMMOCK FORUM MEMBERS. I am sorry I can't remember exactly who you guys were.... maybe hooch? You know who you are and deserve to be commended for your kindness that allowed her to thru. Some of you donated a stormcrow UQ that kept her warm in the snow! In fact I was amused that she complained in the am of a relatively warm night (high 40's) that she was actually sweating thanks to you all.

Once again my faith in human nature is restored!

Small world this wilderness area.....