another So Cal lurker in the house. I first want to say thanks to the hammock vets that have been posting on youtube (Shug your the man, dig the videos! top notch TOP NOTCH!), if wasn't for some of those videos I would have never found this site. how ironic is it that i camp multiple times a year and always take my cheapie Tijuana special with me but the ditch the tent concept never crossed my mind. Anyway, I've been reading and what not and tonight i finally pulled the trigger on 2 WBBB dbl 1.7 hammocks for my youngest son and I, also scored a great deal on a 12x12 tarp from bargain outfitters the "Guide Gear tarp" 47 bucks for 2 cant beat that deal with stick. Anyway just really stoked about the new setups cant wait to get in the field, so many possabilities are opening up.
Thanks again!