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I feel your pain. It has been just over six weeks for me as well waiting for my Crowsnest. Shouldn't be long now though. No doubt SC & company are working hard to keep us all warm and toasty!
Speaking of the burrow, I think that will be my next purchase from The Perfect Trees to complete my sleep system for the next fall season....doubt I will be able to wait that long to order one up though
I waited almost 2 months for my underquilt, in the meantime I put an order in for my topquilt. ... but, I have to tell ya all .. It's worth the wait!!!
Be patient and understand Custom stuff doesn't come as quick as if it was made in some factory (of course) in China, then stockpiled waiting for your order. Your stuff is being made to the specifications that you requested. I can't even sew ... Imagine doing 1 a day, not a alone 2 ... If you want great stuff ... then, you have to patient. Then you'll get an American made product, that's really worth the money you spent. ... Just my 2 cents ... , , ....