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    quick 1st impression MacEntyre IX(SS style) UQ

    Not sure where to put this, since it bears little resemblance to either a traditional hammock UQ ( for one thing, loft is close to ZERO! ) nor a pad. So moderators move as needed.

    So I'm off today, and I notice my MacEntyre IX UQ has arrived. Dang, if the mail had just run an hour or two earlier, I could have already made a better test. But the temp was already about 70*F and rising. Still, I couldn't resist. I grab my HH with SS, and remove both UC and pad/Space blanket (I have seldom removed those over the last 3 years). I open the Tyvec package of two UQs. I was going to start with one, but the 2 "quilts" were attached to each other at each side grosgrain loop and at the head/foot suspension, and I was in a hurry, so I went with that.

    It was the ultimate in simplicity to just attache it where I had attached the HHSS. On each end is some shock cord. I had no idea what to do with tension, as I have read that too tight is the main problem with this IX, but of course way too loose could be a problem also. So I place my HH prussick hooks for tarp and SS as loose, as close to the hammock, as I could. This still left the almost weightless quilt suspended up higher than the hammock, but there was a lot of stretch available from the suspension shock cord. So then I put the quilt under the hammock and in I went.

    OK, it was not cold so I will have to wait a bit to really make a judgment about that. Still, I quickly became aware of a very warm back. Much as I do when I lay in the HHSS with pad and SB. But for now, there is nothing under me but the IX, period. So I quickly un-attache the IX UQ from the HH side tie outs, get back in, and after a few minutes of VERY warm back, I push the UQ aside. ( BTW, while official temp was about 70-72*F, I am on my back porch, completely in the shade, with the Sun still shining on the other side of the house. So I suspect I might have been a degree or two cooler, but who knows. There was a light intermittent breeze)

    After I push the quilt aside, I become aware of a cool back, especially when the breeze blows. So I switch back and forth several times, and I can always quickly tell the difference. From about as cool as you would want your back to be while trying to sleep, to quite warm. So, what, I'm guessing- at least 10 or 20* difference, or maybe more? I have no idea, but a very noticeable difference. And more so with a breeze.

    Then I cut the strings attaching the 2 quilts and separated them, and repeated the above on/off test. Once again, a clearly noticeable difference. But I think I could tell the dif was not as big as with both IX layers. How much dif is anybody's guess.

    So, that's it for now. First impression: it's Da Bomb. Maybe Da Nuclear Bomb. It seems like the one layer of this ( what is the weight, < 3-4 oz?) ought to cover most of us in the summertime, and maybe the very late spring or very early fall, depending on altitude and latitude, of course. (the other layer has no suspension so weighs even less) It could not be simpler to use, bulk is low, weight is extremely low, it may well provide significant wind block and water worries should be minimal. While usable temp ranges(and one layer vs two or more) and spot coverage( will there be any gaps along the legs or butt?) are yet to be determined, what is not to like? Some unknown but significant amount of warmth, by itself or augmenting all manner of quilts, with all of the benefits listed above? Shazamm! With a big WhoooBuddy on top! I look forward to determining, by experiment, the many ways this can be used alone and for warmth boost of various under quilts.

    MacEntyre of the MMP fame ( and TeeDee who has gone this same route with IX UQs), you are quite the innovator!
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