I too hang from eye bolts and have not experienced/heard of any issues with hardware failure.

I put two pre-drilled 3/8" eyescrews ($1.50) in the wall studs at about the height I want, then two in the ceiling to "distribute" the force.

I say "distribute" because I have since been informed that this technique does not counter act the vector forces but actually multiplies them. I dont have the math at hand but it seemed pretty convincing.

THAT SAID, my empirical evidence has shown me otherwise. If i tie off just a rope to the wall eye and lean back I can produce a fair amount of deflection. If i run my suspension through the wall eye up to the ceiling eye I get ZERO deflection/creaking/catastrophic house failure. Suffice to say im not putting my butt on the line with solely the wall anchors

I two have logged ~1000 hrs of nightly sleep time and rough housing with absolutely no noticeable changes in integrity.

/my 2Ȼ.