I was wondering about how to keep tension on a UCR and had this thought. What do you guys think?

I've seen suggestions of using a piece of shock cord but thought this might be simpler. What if you slid some rubber surgical tubing over the UCR, and glued part of it to the outer part of the UCR. Once stretched along the inner part of the UCR you could use something like a clothes peg to keep the tubing stretched (and the UCR in tension). You could probably sew the tubing to the UCR outer part if glue didn't adhere.

Would this work? Would squeezing the tubing to the UCR weaken the line too much? I'm guessing only a smallish amount of squeezing force would be needed.

A cross section would look something like this:

======================== <--- Surgical tubing
--------------------- <--- UCR outer part
--------------------------------------------- <--- UCR inner part

I'd try it but don't have suitable line. Any thoughts?