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    Quote Originally Posted by GrizzlyAdams View Post
    Like others I'd be interested in learning more about this micro-light nylon fabric.

    I have made a differentially cut under-quilt whose hammock side is made of 0.33 oz/sq yd cuben. Doesn't breath---that's one of the attractions actually---keeps all body moisture out of the down. I'm thinking about making another that is almost all lightweight cuben, except for some strips of breathable nylon to let air in and out. Last year I did some small scale experiments that verify such an approach ought to work, and later I saw this web-page describing an over-quilt that does exactly that.
    ??????????????????? Never mind; I had so many tabs open I didn't notice another one pop up when I clicked on the link. At least, I think that's what happened.
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    I have made a light, UQ ,about 13 oz I believe ,out of a nanatuk down bag. Removed the foot box and put stretchy stuff all around. then I sewed the .33 cuben on the bottom of the Nanatuk. that adds only .7 oz, and makes a good weather/splash/spindrift shield. works like the one Grizz is talking about, except my cuben is not on the hammock side.(for the weather protection.) no reason why the double cuben quilt would not work as long as you have some way to let it breathe.gnome

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    I plan on making cuben uq and tq to shave off alot of weight. I do not think it would work good in a hammock because if you get in with sand on your but, rub around enough, you will rub a hole in the cuben, at least thats what i think since working with some. I dont think tears would be your enemy, instead, i think daily abrasion from velcro, buckles, zippers, and grit would do a cuben hammock in.

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