OK... Heres the deal. I may have converted my expedition partner from ground welling to hanging. He spent both nites hanging..... and what makes it sweet is it was his first time ever sleeping in a hammock. Temps at nite were around 30. The first nite the winds were gusting to over 40. I fully expected to get up in the AM and see him in his tent. But alas... he stuck it out. He slept in his clothes and in a 10 degree bag along with an incubator under him.

I didnt get any hammock time on this trip. This was my break in trip for my RTT.

We first hit the north side of Drummond Island. Camp was at a place called the "Fossil Formations." Very intersting rocky, fossil covered beach. The majority of the island is limestone, and sections of the road look like that are made from concrete. After that we decided to scoot off the island and head up towards the Soo locks. Actually got to catch a freighter going through the locks....

From there we headed towards White Fish Point, and then forest service roads and traile towards Vermillion to see the life saving station. These roads were mostly sugar sand and 4lo is a must to get along the shorline.

Heading inland a bit shows massive clear cutting that appears to have taken place about 3 years ago, based on the growth on the young trees.

To round off the trip we swung by Tahq. Falls. Ill get those pics up later.

All in all the trip went well.. Nothing broke, never got stuck and I may have converted a ground dweller...