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    Question No Hammocks Rules

    I am just about convinced that a hammock is a great way to enjoy back country backpacking. A couple of questions remain.

    1) Are there (m)any places (National Parks, State Parks, etc.) that don't allow the use of hammocks. It appears that they are welcome on the AT, but I'd hate to be told I couldn't hang a hammock.

    2) Is it feasible to use a hammock on the ground as a pseudo-tent? Is it comfortable? Does it damage the hammock?


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    1) National parks, no problem. Some state parks don't allow anything to be hung from trees and this usually includes hammocks. I know Florida State parks don't allow them, but I don't think that's typical.

    2) Some hammocks can be used on the ground similar to a small tent or bivy sack. Usually, it's easier to just set up the tarp - depends on how many bugs are out. You should have something underneath the hammock body on the ground to protect it, a ground cloth or a pad if you use one.

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    1. bear bag hanger pretty much nailed it. There are no standing uniform rules on Federal lands that would prohibit the use of a hammock camping system. Although, certain very high usage areas (Yellowstone) do restrict the use of hammocks in campgrounds and some (read very few) backcountry areas. States vary, but the trend is moving in a negative trajectory for us hangers. However, there is often flexibility in those rules based on where you are hanging (backcountry vs campgrounds) and your attitude when approached. Florida has been by far the most ardent about their rules, but even there I was able to get a Park Ranger in one of my hammocks and talking about it. I slept like a baby in my hammock that night.

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