Well it was finally here, my scout troops' first "real" backpacking trip. These are all my new scouts that have reciently crossed over from cub-scouts. Plus some of the new parents that decided to join my Troop. I've been having classes to teach them about everything, but nothing teaches better than actually getting them out to the woods!! I had 11, 11 year olds, one 13 year old and 8 adults.

Raven Rock is a great first hiking/backpacking area. The trails are easy, I think only 2 scouts fell down!! Only 1 threw up, he wasn't drinking water even though I'd stop every so often and tell them all to drink. Had a few go on a night hike but one wasn't quite sure why he was still hiking and it was dark. A few were confussed the next morning when I told them that they had to pack up all the same gear that they had humped in, they had to hump it back out. One kid asked me where the trash can was. Had another come ask me where the bag was that his tent came out of. A couple asked me for food after they finished eatting... hummm One kid had 10 pairs of socks and no jacket. And I learned that 11 year olds do not get tired after the tents are up. But before the tents are up, they're so tired they can't move.

We camped in the wilderness area site right next to the Cape Fear River. Water was pumped from the Cape Fear to drink, it's got a slight color to it but other wise, taste pretty good. There's one of the nicest pit toilets there that I've ever seen. I'd rate it like a 4 star pit toilet!! Course I tried to explain that to my new adults in the troop and they're looking at me kind of funny. Temps were cool at night, about 40 and 86 Sat and maybe 70ish Sunday. Sunday was perfect for hiking.

All of the scouts made it to the "ROCK"!! This rock is what the park is named for and is just amazing. We from the coast of NC don't get to see things like that is our area.

Sunday morning I was woke up by a Wip-o-will (spelling???) bird that was singing for all he was worth. The adults in my group said they heard lots of animals/birds through the night. I didn't hear a thing (sleeping!!) till that wip-o-will woke me up.

Lots of learning took place for all my new scouters, kids and adults!!

And I also want to thank a member of the Hammock Forum here that helped us by donating gear to my troop, if you're reading this, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!