So my buddies and I decided to take our kids on an overnighter on some land I have access to on Saturday.

It was 4 dads, 4 kids, 2 non-parents, my 14 yr old nephew, and my dog "Pony".

We got there on Saturday afternoon about 4 pm. Threw some baseball, setup camp, and cut firewood. The kids were so excited to be there, they were like mosquitos buzzing around, just having a great time. The weather was great. About 75 degrees during the day and mid 40's at night.

I setup a side by side hammock under my JRB 10x11 for the first time. My nephew was supposed to sleep in a tent with one of the other guys and my daughter was supposed to sleep beside me in the other hammock, but it ended up being my nephew in one hammock and my daughter (Tiv) and I in the other.

We cooked hot dogs over the fire, made smores, and just let the kids run wild. They all passed out about 11pm and we drank cold beers until about 12:30 am.

As soon as I got in my my hammock I heard a little voice say "Daddy, i'm cold." which really meant she was lonely. She had a full length pad, bag, pillow, and blanket. There was no way she was cold. Then I saw her little face looking over the side of the hammock with a single little tear coming down her face and that was all it took. I lifted my down quilt bag and she jumped in like rabbit. My nephew then saw his chance at getting off the ground and jumped in her hammock. We slept great. I'm glad she slept with me, I never mind a bit when she does, even at home.

Had a great nights sleep. Actually woke up once to some coyotes howling! Good thing my dog slept in the truck.

Got up the next day and didn't have a thing to do, so we just played in the sun all day. Shot some of our 22 rifles, and ate lunch. Needless to say, the kids didn't want to go home, even though they were filthy and had marshmallow matted in their hair ha!

Hope this was one they will never forget.

Our setup. We are the only hammock campers.

My poor old tent. I lent it to my brother. We were the only hammockers.

A bunch of us.

Making popcorn with my daughter and her friend. Tiv is the younger one.

Tiv is so excited to go!