Howdy folks,

I'm not sure how I ended up here, but I'm happy I'm here. (that's what she said)

I was researching ultra-light tents, and the next thing I know, I was ordering a Warbonnet Blackbird Double 1.0 in Coyote Brown. My son was watching a cartoon called Chowder the other day, and Chowder was talking about some fruit and said, "They're doo doo brown." I couldn't get that out of my mind when I ordered the Coyote Brown hammock. Shhh, don't tell Brandon I said that.

Shug, what can I say? What normally takes weeks of reading over a forum, you've condensed into your videos, and made it entertaining and fun, to boot. I've been to two county fairs and a greasy pig contest, and I've never seen anything like you. Did you live in NC for awhile? All that talk about livermush and potted meat, you sound like we could be kin. I like the way you talk, too. I once ate nothing but potted meat and crackers for three days. I don't want to talk about it. I also really enjoyed Grizz's videos. Very informative.

I see there are some NC folks on here. That's great. I hope to get to know you. I love the Linville Gorge and watched the videos of that trip. When I was young and carefree, I'd drive up there and hike a lot. I also see there are some fellow fly fisherman. One thing I'd like to do is do some more remote fishing, way off the beaten path, and I think combining hammocking with fly fishing is going to be a great combination.

I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone better, and tweaking my hammock setup. I'll send some pics of the DD Brown hammock once it arrives. Should be soon.

One quick question, for those using Whoopie's, especially the 7/64 Amsteel, when you wrap the gathered end of the Blackbird, do you worry about it cutting into the fabric? Any concerns with the thinner 1.0 fabric? Thanks!

Finally, I'm trying to make a decision on an underquilt, pads, combo of the two, Insultex, etc. For those that have tried several systems and chosen one over the other, I'd especially love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to send me a PM, also. I do want to keep the weight down, but I'm not a gram weanie, yet, but I think I'm in the early stages of that affliction.