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    First night in the WBBB 1.0 double

    I recently got my double layer 1.0 coyote brown BlackBird from Warbonnetguy and wow! what a step up from my usual hammock (either a double ENO-type or a DIY gathered end).

    I took it on my trip to Feather Falls for an overnight.
    Trip report (with pictures) here.

    The nifty design generated a lot of interest from my fellow travelers. One person - unfamiliar with hammocks - called it a 'floating bivy'. Which I suppose it is. Another, who had brought an ENO double to loaf in but slept in a Lunar Duo on the ground (poor guy), called it a Cadillac. He was completely in love with the WBBB. I must have spent 15 minutes going over the construction with him and answering questions about the suspension. My superpowers detect a future WBBB owner!

    Anyway - I love the shelf and the way the tieouts keep it feeling open. It was super comfortable, although I figured out Sunday morning that I had probably been lying "left handed" in it: feet on the opposite side from the designer's intent. I am right at the top of the limit for weight for this version but did not detect much squeeze.

    I did not need to use the bugnet since it is not quite mosquito season here. It was easy to flip it back out of my way, and I was able to easily reach over it at night to adjust my underquilt.

    A great hammock!
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