A group of 20+ from my church is heading out to the Coleman River WMA this Thursday. I completed a test hang in my WBBB last Saturday night to make sure that my pad will keep me warm enough. My bag and pad are bulky, but enough to allow me to sleep pretty snug. (I wish I had an UQ, but I donít have the $ to get one or the time to make one right now. The IX UQ idea thatís been tossed around recently sounds ideal, but I doubt MacEntyre could get me one fast enough.)

I canít wait to enjoy my hammock this weekend. Rain is forecast, but my GG tarp should be able to keep me dry, and Iím sure others will be bringing plenty of shelter as well.

Iím looking forward to waking up without being sore from the lumpy ground and grumpy from lack of sleep. Iíll probably be one of the best-rested people in the bunch. Iíll try to post pics when I return. I understand that another person may be bringing a hammock as well. Who knows? We may have a Ďhammock sectioní set up in the campground by the time weíre done.

- Mark (S-4-C)