Hello all
I first starting hanging in the jungle of Panama when I was an instructor at the jungle warfare center there. We used what we called a GP net which was a net knotted at both ends. since then I have used an eno and recently acquired a traveller and a blackbird. Love them both. I recently bought some whoppie slings from arrowhead and am amazed how simple but effective they are. I also have a Hennesy explorer which will be going to 2q for mod 4.
I dont backpack any longer but am very close to the AT at my Mountain home. Wayah Bald. I live on the eastern slope off of Wayah RD.
I turned 65 on my last birthday but still get out in the woods every chance I get. often I will just walk into the woods and hang out.
I have learned so much from this site. From Shug's videos and Professor Grizz. Thanks y'all!
My primary residence in Irmo,SC. I am an old dog but I definetly learned a bag full of new tricks from the members of this forum. Glad to be a posting member now.