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    Molly Mac Gear: 5-in-1 Jerry Chair

    As I have already explained, a little bird whispered in my ear, so I asked permission from _Tinker_, Bonsalhiker and Dblhmmk to make a Jerry Chair that incorporates all of the ideas that those fellows included in their chairs, and offer it for sale.

    This Jerry Chair is 52" long and 35" at the widest point. It is made with 330 denier PU coated Cordura nylon on the outside, 1.1 ripstop nylon on the inside, and one layer of Insultex in between. It is bound with grosgrain, and has several polypropylene loops. The EVA CCF pad is 12"X20". It weighs 13 ounces without suspension or CCF pad. By using 200 denier PU coated Oxford nylon (packcloth) this UQ can be a little lighter. By adding more layers of IX with IXTubes, this UQ can be a whole lot warmer. Although this prototype does not feature a differential cut, all subsequent MMG 5-in-1 Jerry Chairs will be made from a patterns that are differential.

    A note on darts: This IX UQ is heavily darted, like the other IX UQs I've made, so that it will fit well. However, when you dart something that has more than one layer, it presents a problem. Instead of cutting the excess, or just folding the bulky excess over and stitching it down, I finish each dart using a suggestion from my friend Dave, a talented thread injecting professional. For each dart, I slip the scissors into the excess, cut one side along the stitching, remove everything but the outer layer of fabric, fold the outer layer, and stitch it down. That leaves a clean dart, with no raw edges.

    This Jerry Chair has five functions:

    1. It is primarily a fitted 3/4 length Insultex under quilt. I made this the primary function because I wanted it to be a very good IX UQ. It is made with the same pattern as the symmetrical Molly Mac Gear IX UQs, but it is two feet shorter.
    2. It is a Jerry Chair for use with hiking sticks or cut branches to brace your back.
    3. It is a hammock, for sitting or for gear. The construction is plenty strong for a hammock. Each polypropylene loop is box stitched through all layers, including the grosgrain binding. The shock cord suspension can be interchanged with Whoopie slings.
    4. It is a pack cover. When folded, with cord through the loops, the fitted shape can be cinched tightly over a pack.
    5. It is a ground cloth. The PU coated outer shell is waterproof and durable.

    As for price, this product demonstrates why I am reluctant to put a covering fabric on the IX UQs. It is very labor intensive. However, this Jerry Chair can be a very warm 3/4 length UQ, for use in any weather. I will make it for $80, plus $10 for each additional layer of IX. Additional layers of IX will include IXTubes. I believe it is reasonable to expect a 4 layer differential cut IX UQ Jerry Chair with IXTubes to weigh less than a pound and be good to 0*F. Two layers will get you to 32*F. [If you leave the CCF pad in it, who knows?]

    I'll have this 5-in-1 Jerry Chair available for folks to inspect at Hot Springs tomorrow!

    - MacEntyre

    The original Jerry Chair by _Tinker_
    The Insulated 3-in-1 Jerry Chair by Bonsalhiker
    Jerry Chair Insultex UQ by Dblhmmk
    The Molly Chair by Hogn8r
    Attached Images Attached Images
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