I am sure everyone is tired and I am too. Too much fun can wear you out! Especially in this heat. I will just say I knew it would be a blast but, I never knew it would be THAT good of a time! There were only 4 of us HF members but, lots of hammocks hanging. Blackie had 3 then gave me a hammock to use as a chair which made 4. Then Stoikurt showed us his 3 hammocks. I put mine up and then ToddHiker put his up. HEHE I cant imagine how many there would have been if more HFers would have been able to come! It was nice!

I didn't get many pictures because I was having too much fun to think about pics. The guys all got a bunch of pics though. Im the HOT short dumpy one!

I could go through and highlight all that went on but, Ill leave some for the others to tell. I am tired! Looking fwd to next time already! Rain, sleet, snow or more heat! That dip in the creek was refreshing!

Have to say thanks to Blackie and Stoikurt for the knot lessons! And Todd for hearing and laughing at all my silly jokes. He doesn't have too shabby a sense of humor either! I think we probably seemed like elementary school kids giggling and making jokes to each other.

Todd: If you don't mind, I am gonna start calling you Funny Money! Thats all I kept thinking the entire time we giggled and I thought about your job. Maybe we can print you up some HF currency with an Otter on it.

To close, if more HF users would have come...I think I would be completely outfitted with new or recycled gear. lol Thanks guys for all the rope, buckles, knots lessons, hammock, stretchy cord, booze, drugs, and hookers. Now aren't you dissapointed you didn't come?