Well my leave date for my trip is coming up fast, only two days away! A co-worker and myself are going out for a AT Section hike for 5 days, we are starting at Front Royal VA and ending at Harpers Ferry, we are going to take our time and try to enjoy the hike, as long as the rain holds out, I have been watching the weather in hopes that it will change, supposed to rain everyday we are out there! I'm hoping that the weather will change so I can get a lot of pic's), I have a cheap camera that is not waterproof/water resist. but it works for me!! I have my pack set-up and weight is 29lbs with 5 days of food and a liter of water (I only carry a liter at a time), which is roughly 10lbs lighter from my last section hike, so a big "THANK YOU" to everyone on HF, from looking at your gear lists, set-up's, and the great gear that I have acquired from the members here have made my new pack weight possible, as well as realizing what I need vs. want. I am hoping that in the future I will/can be able to pare it down even more, but we shall see?! When I get back I will post my gear list, any/all pic's taken, and trip report. I have talked to Adia and when I get back we will get me set-up on youtube and we (well really she) will get a compilation vid put up from this trip as well as my previous trip (MD/WVA section)!