With IX does anybody besides me find issues as far as breathabilty of the IX fabric in TQ applications. I had fabbed up a TQ with a 1.1 ripstop outter layer, two layers of IX from knee height down to the footbox, single layer from knee height up to chin height and an inner layer of fleece, drawstring with draftcollar at the top. The TQ is too hot to use above 35f . Seems too clammy above 35f Maybe need to redo TQ with removable layers? (+fleece is too much weight) Maybe inner layer of ripstop with climashield instead of fleece? Have read on site some where, if warmer on bottom beneath, less TQ insulation is needed? Input anybody? What was posted awhile back about using plastic bags over your legs as back up insulation (maybe)? Referencing something about evaporatve cooling as far as checking it? Seems insultex is great for on bottom but, maybe holds too much moisture in, maybe need a way to vent on top? Going back to when I used to be a ground dweller and using a -10f bag at 20f would sleep in only a Tee shirt and soxes with the bag footbox unzipped and the top unzipped. But prefer to wear more clothing (sweat pants, T shirt, fleece jacket w/ hood) when cooler weather camping in order to make the late night watering the trees ritual more bearable since sleeping in a hammock.