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    Walmart Ratchet straps

    In another thread Headchange said:
    Quote Originally Posted by headchange4u View Post
    I was in Walmart this weekend and I looked through their selection of rachet straps. They had a few straps that had some black webbing that had a breaking strength of 1800lbs. The webbing was really nice and flexible, like the HF webbing. They also had the same stuff in red and blue. I will probably pick up a set of the ratchet straps with the black webbing at some point in the future.
    I was over at mine today and went to the automobile section and saw a lot of different ratchet webbing.
    I wrote down some of the info (see attached).
    The problem is finding out what the webbing is made of.
    I'm not good enough to tell by feel.....
    It looks like amazon sells a lot of this stuff but they don't say what they are made of.
    I found a few of the brand name websites but they just talk about how strong it is.
    Perhaps others will have better luck.....
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