I am a new to hammock camping and am looking to get a simple lightweight system for three season use. I am between a cold and warm sleeper (leaning more toward cold side).

i have bee flooded with info on Hammock forums. I don't have alot of money but don't mind spending the money for something that will lst me a long time.

Right now I am looking at

Hennessy supershelter ordered from Hennessy.com

or the Jacks r better 3 season set (the nest and long no sniveler quilt)

or just the Nest and some other TQ.

I have the HHULBB and like the birth canal opening and don"t see my self changing it.

I am not into making my own gear and would perfer to either buy used or something made.

the only thing I don't like about down is the settling and the fact that it cannot get wet.

My other option is I have been e-mailing Macentyre about his Insutex underpads that he started making that are nestable and compact. I was thinking to get a Hennessy undercover and use the two of the insutex under pads that MacEntrye makes and then a down TQ.

would appreciate any feedback.

I am from Ontario Canada and looking right now to get early spring to late fall use.