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    Congratulations and welcome to the site.
    If you did indeed get silnylon you are truly one of the very lucky ones. Silnylon has been very elusive at WalMart.
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    Quote Originally Posted by terceiro View Post
    I don't mean to gloat, but I did find eighteen yards of silnylon at my local Walmart yesterday. I was a little dubious at first -- couldn't believe that I would actually be one of the lucky ones -- and so I brought it home and conducted a couple of tests. Most successful was to drape it over my head like a poncho with the hood sewn shut and have my wife squirt me with the hose. I think she worked out some aggression.

    Anyway, I stayed completely dry (my head and shoulders at least) and I thus conclude that my fabric is silnylon.

    I also bought -- also for a buck a yard -- some kelly green taffeta. I can't tell if it's nylon or polyester, but I sewed a couple of seams and it's a fine hammock today.
    welcome to hammock forums terceiro. try putting the fabric over a bowl w/ a rubber band to hold it in place. then press down the center enough to form a depression. add water & see if it drips through after several hours.
    does the texture remind you a little of wax paper? or is it more cloth like? ...tim
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    you can tell just by looking at the stuff.

    call owf or quest, and ask for samples of 1.1 oz and 1.9 oz coated and uncoated, including silnylon. i think the sample is free and you will be able to tell the difference as soon as they arrive.

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