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Well, there is another video coming up...you may not be so lucky the next time.... BWAAH, HA, HA, HA, HA...

I didn't take as many photos and video as I'd hoped to. I guess I was having too much fun yakking and lollygagging! I might have more in the next video--haven't studied the footage yet.

Should have taken a photo of the two of us while we were lost and eating lunch! That would have been a good shot. Enjoyed that time immensely, by the way. It was the nicest, most peaceful lunch I'd had that week.


If anyone has any photos of otter, send them to me ASAP so he can get in the video and stop whining!
That was a reallly peacefull area. Im thinking we should stay down in that pine area next year. I enjoyed getting to sit and talk with you for a little while. Not often you would get a chance to chat one on one with 30+ people around.

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Pete I got one picture of you.

I will get my revenge Randy!!!!!

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That's HIM!!!!

Rebellious haircut, right?

Just kidding, Pete...
Ok im not quite that wooly but Im working on it. Im pretty sure I had the longest hair the first night but not the second night.