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    Overnighter in Ohio

    Decided to head out to the metropark camp area I reserved for the weekend. Weather called for rain so I thought cool chance to see how my tarp would perform. I would say it got down to 43-45f. I definately need an UQ. My pad leaves my back wet in the mornin. I got there about 6pm and setup in some light rain. I got a fire goin and commenced to makin some dinner. After that I stoked the fire and got in my hammock because the rain was not lettin up. I got some seepage and felt a few drops here and there throughout the night. I don't think it was from the seam but from the actual panel. Anyways it was good gear test and I enjoyed the solitude. Here are a few shots. I will have to say I am more at ease without a fire when I am alone.
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