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    Post Underpad

    Just got my Hennesy Expedition Asym and after a couple of test nights in the house, the verdict is that I love it! I am now looking at a Mac Cat tarp for a larger footprint, and will do an outside test run very soon.

    My question is regarding the underpad or bottom insulation. Has anyone ever used something such as a Pacific Outdoor Equipment Uber-Lite Sleeping Pad? Will something that does not cover your foot area be warm enough? I have a Thermarest Prolite 4, and also a few of the old Army foam mats, but I have no experience to know which way to go.

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    i've not used that pad, but i've herd nothing but good things about their pads.
    as for the length, some folks use a shorter pad in milder temps. if they feel the need , put something else under their calves for a little extra protection... like clothes or a frameless pack if it's dry.
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    I use a pad and I always make sure that I have a small pad with me just for my feet - where the heal of your foot rests against the hammock will be a cold spot without something like a small pad under the heal

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