Just got my first DIY hammock completed a couple of days ago. Lays flat and sleeps great. I was able to use quite a few ideas I've learned from you all and couple of my own. The whoopie ridge line sure makes it easy to dial in the lay, it's also removeable by way of a nacrabiner...both of which I made from 1.75 Zing-it. The other thing that may be nice is that I made the entry side pull outs attach with hooks. I did this so I could remove them from the bug net and attach them to the hammock body just below the zipper. If bugs aren't bad I can flip the net over the ridge and still have the pullouts staked, if they get bad I can just reach over and hook it back up....without getting out. I also made the "bishop style" stuff sack with two draw strings so I could fold it over itself and keep the whoopies and straps contained and separate if wet. Thanks for all of the info that made me want to make it. I've already started thinking about the next one!