Hi yall

A big hello to everybody at HF and a big thanks for all those great people and their creative minds.
Ive been lurking and finding inspiration in here for quite some time, but due to my bad manners ive just recently joined and thought i would be a good idea to introduce my self

I got into "hanging" kind a by accident, i was seeking shelter at a small unpopulated over grown island, but could not find a decent place to lie down for the night(i have some serious back issues, and really need to lie properly to get any sleep).
What do you do then - to knackerd to continue - and unable to find a flat spot to lay down...... Well i took my trusty old army tarp and improvised a gathered end hammock - and sleept like a baby all night

Well any way safely home again, i got online to search for a proper hammock, here i found HF

Nuff about that - im really into most kind of outdoor living, especially kayaking and hiking. I live in the very little denmark pretty close to our capital(Copenhagen) so no wild wilderness for me

So once again thanks for the inspiration, thanks for making my gear and pack lighter....

Bomber aka Bo