View Poll Results: How do you store your tarp on the trail?

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  • Sil snake skins

    36 29.03%
  • Mesh snake skins

    13 10.48%
  • Sil Black Bishop style bag

    10 8.06%
  • Mesh Black Bishop style bag

    2 1.61%
  • Regular stuff sack

    51 41.13%
  • Drag it behind me on the trail ...

    2 1.61%
  • Other, please post options ...

    10 8.06%
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    I still put the hammock in my pack but inside of a slightly oversize bag so it is protected. I use to have it in snake skins but now a double end bag is the way I pack it.

    The tarp in the loose skins if wet ... loose skins and mesh bag if dry ... all packed on the outside of my pack for quick access is the way I'm going with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawk-eye View Post
    But man do they do the job AND allow me to mold it to the shape of the spot I stuff them. They are much easier to deal with than a #3 HH skin.
    happy that seems to work better for you!
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