I:m looking to do a relatively low impact beginners level multi-day hike somewhere in Eastern Ohio or Western PA. I:d like to stay within about a 4 hour drive (I:m in the Canton, OH area), I:d like a trail loop so I can start/finish in pretty much the same spot so I don:t have to worry about a ride back to my ride, something with fairly accessible water along the way in case I really screw the pooch planning wise, and something you don:t have to be part mountain goat to complete. Company along the way would be awesome if someone else is interested and would negate the necessity of a loop trail as well.

I:ve done a fair amount of camping but never anything where I had to hump my load the whole way (excepting Marine Corp days LONG ago) and would like to dabble in it a bit without worrying about surviving the experience.

Anyone have any good ideas location wise for something that fits the bill, I:m more than happy to hear it. Thanks a bunch.