Alright folks, here's the plan. Mr Tuniq and I are planning our first hang and we're going BIG. Both of us are experienced outdoorsmen, one of us (Mr T) a serious paddler and the other a jack-of-all-trades, master at none.

Tuniq and I were both Air Cadet's together as teens and have been buddy's for a long time. Since we haven't seen each other in a year or so AND are both new to hanging we've developed the NWHH-CCC. You may be wondering what the CCC part is... Well... We're forgoing the traditional drive to the trailhead.... That's right, we're taking a train.

The Via Rail Lake Superior to be exact. Yes, we are hanging in Northwestern Ontario, between White River and Sudbury. We have plotted a few potential spots along this very flexible train route (they let you off at any mile marker you choose) and it has long been popular with hunters and paddlers alike as there are no roads to the majority of the route.

One potential spot is a VERY short 500m hike to a beach that know one would know even existed unless they had satellite photos. It is on Dog Lake and looks beautiful from above. Thank god for Google Earth! After plotting the train route in Google Earth, I scouted for potential areas as there aren't many hiking trails back there, mostly water routes. We weren't sure of the expenses of taking kayaks on the train so we decided on a hike. Poor Tuniq. :P I compared it with Topo maps and found that the grade is quite hikable although the bush might be very dense.

The second spot has been done by a group before, it is very close to Pogomasing Ontario, and is about 5km in on an unnamed lake. With the help of one of the group that has done the hike (by scouring google and sending out loads of emails until finally I found someone with experience in the area). It is more rocky and the bushline carries towards the lake but it is a more involved hike. We decided to keep the hike short as the camping was the focus of the trip.

We are also taking new liberties with our types of gear, including homemade stoves, and other techniques neither of us have used in the past. I for one am not using a sleeping bag, I plan on blanketing in my hammock.

Currently it is just the two of us going, but if there are any hangers that would like to join, give either of us a message or post in this thread, and we will be updating with dates and exact locations once the planning stage has been completed. Anyone from Minnesota that can get to Thunder Bay can probably get a ride with Steve (to the train station in White River) and others can meet me in Sudbury if they would like.