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    Quote Originally Posted by tasthree View Post
    Not to get off my topic. But Duh. I just relized that your site is where I'm looking to get my webbing and amsteel. I didn't see any material for sale do you offer camo? How about dutch clips. I'm not sure if I want to use them or just feed the TH thru the loop

    Right now I am not doing any fabric but I know that Scott has some 1.1 for sale in camo and green, and Dutch clips are a hammock Forums store exclusive. I have carabiners and toggles.
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    Just found a place that list a Airforce ABU Tiger Digital camo-60inch 1.9oz coated durable water repellent DWR ripstop-.99 cents a yard. Whoa self said so I called them. That is per yd for a whole 500-600yd roll. Would this stuff be any good. He said he has other camo stuff but got impatient with my noobs had had to go. Said to email him for inquiries. So anyone interested google or Magna Fabrics in NJ-201-693-2281. It would take one heck of a groop buy for that much.

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